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The City of Pisa

Pisa is world famous for its Leaning Tower, Cathedral,
botanical garden (founded in 1543 making it the oldest
in Europe) and many other historical monuments. It is
located in Tuscany, in the centre of the Italian peninsula,
near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Its multicultural
population totals around 100,000 people, in addition
to the many thousands of students who enliven the
city. Its cultural life revolves around museums, cultural
associations, cinemas and theatres, making Pisa a great
place to live and study.

The University of Pisa

The University of Pisa (Università di Pisa) is one of the most
renowned educational institutions in Italy. Although formally
founded in 1343, there are records to indicate that the university
has been active since the 11th century. Famous alumni
of the university include Galileo Galilei and Antonio Pacinotti,
Nobel Prize winners such as Giosuè Carducci (Literature),
Enrico Fermi (Physics) and Carlo Rubbia (Physics), and Fields
medalists Enrico Bombieri and Alessio Figalli (Mathematics).
Nowadays the University of Pisa represents a prestigious
modern centre for teaching and advanced research. Almost
all of its departments are located in the heart of the city in
both the historical centre and the outer districts. Most facilities
can be reached on foot within 20 minutes from the
centre of Pisa.

Accommodation for students and international guests

Accommodation can be found by searching for advertisements
placed on bulletin boards in each of the university’s
departments. Costs for renting a room range from €250 to
€350 per month. Generally, rent does not include charges
for gas, electricity, water and internet, nor does it include
general expenses for the building’s maintenance. We suggest
students stay in a hostel for a few days upon arrival
to allow plenty of time for viewing and choosing a room.
Information at www.unipi.it/accommodation.


How to reach us

By planePisa International Airport "Galileo Galilei" offers a large and ever-growing number of flight connections with Europe, America and Asia. It is the preferred hub in Tuscany for Low Cost companies as well as for major airlines. The airport is very close to the city centre, and can be reached very quickly by bus, "people mover", car or bicycle.

By train: Pisa Central railway station offers frequent connections with Florence, Lucca, Viareggio and other Tuscan destinations as well as with major Italian and European cities. The train journey to Rome takes 3 hours. For further information see the official FS Italiane website.

Transportation in the city: the urban bus service is operated by the CPT (Pisa Transport Consortium). By far the most popular means of transportation among students, given the convenient size of the city, is by foot or by bicycle.