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Q: Is it possible to apply to the BIOPHAM Master without a first higher education Science degree (e.g., Bachelor, Licence,…) in Physics, Chemistry, Physics-Chemistry or Materials science ?
A: Yes. Candidates awarded with a first higher education Science degree in related fields such as pharmaceutical sciences or life sciences with excellent academic records can also be considered. However, candidates should provide a very convincing demonstration that they have a strong background in chemistry and/or physics.


Q: Is my Passport enough for my proof of residence?
A: No. We need an official document where your name and address appear on it. It can be an electricy bill, a rent receipt, an official document from your city hall.
Q: What if I live with my parents (or a familly member)?
A: Then, you will need to give us an official document with their names on it, and an ID. Also, you need to ask them to write you a declaration of honor, attesting you are actually living with them.

Q: Do I really have to pass an official English Test to apply?
A: You don't have to pass an official English Test, such as TOEFL/IELTS, as long as you can give us a certificate from your actual University attesting that your courses are/were taught in English. We need to be sure your English skills are good enough, as we will provide our BIOPHAM European Master Programme in English.