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Clubster NHL Quality Label

We have the honour to announce that our Master BioPham has been granted the Clubster NHL Quality Label.

Clubster NHL - Nutrition, Health, and Longevity, is a competitiveness cluster at the interface of nutrition and health. It brings together players from the agro-nutrition, biotech-pharma, medtech-hospitech, e-health, and healthy ageing sectors. Clubster NHL fosters exchanges and partnerships between academic and industrial players and supports application of innovation projects for regional, national and European funding opportunities. Its purpose is to foster the development of innovative projects between private and public stakeholders and promote the nutrition and health sector.

Since 2006, Clubster NHL has certified more than 250 research and development projects, of which more than a hundred have obtained funding, for total support of more than 200 million euros.

We are excited for this opportunity and we are convinced that this labelling marks the launch of fruitful collaborations.